2022 Festival’s theme ”Stories and Myths”

2022 Festival’s theme ”Stories and Myths”

Stories make us human. As long as people have gathered, they have told each other tales. They tell us about ourselves and explore the world around us. They explore humanity and belief; they tell of humankind’s deepest desires and fears. 

Stories bind together the people of the world. And in a world with many languages, one language rules them all: music. 

The Sounds of Luosto 2022 will explore stories from different cultures and remind us how they connect us. The program is built in such a way that it will feature music about many different cultures’ myths. 

The festival is also a chance to hear works which explore everything from the creation of the world to dances of death and metamorphosis. Several performances will feature multidisciplinary art projects, in addition to traditional chamber music concerts. 

The festival’s main concert will be held on Saturday afternoon, when Ukko-Luosto’s brilliant outdoor stage will play host to a large orchestra, conducted by artistic director Aku Sorensen.

A good story-based festival isn’t complete without a family concert. This particular concert will star a coyote. The production is an opportunity for children to explore stories from other cultures and get to know music composed in the modern day. 

Concerts will once again be organized on Luosto, Pyhä, and in Sodankylä. Concert venues include the outdoor stage on Ukko-Luosto and Sodankylä’s 330-year-old wooden church.

Works span the course of history, from new works and rarely heard treats to tested classics.

The festival will be held 28-31.7.2022. The program, will be published in early February 2022.

The Sounds of Luosto is organized by Kuusikko soi ry.