Linda Suolahti, violin

Linda Suolahti, violin

Photo Asko Jonathan Photography

Linda Suolahti is one of the most energetic, creative and versatile representatives of the younger generation of musicians in Finland. Her curiosity and foresight as an inventor, combined with a healthy ambition, hunger and of course skills as an artist, are the strong and charismatic qualities that always influence and convince in her music making and projects.

One of the Finnish most interesting emerging young artists, Linda Suolahti is currently based in Finland and enjoys a varied career as guest leader, artistic director and chamber musician, being invited regularly to play in some of the world’s leading music festivals and concert halls. In 2020 she was awarded by her home town Janakkala as a young talent.

In 2020 she worked under an artistic working grant kindly admitted by The Finnish Cultural Foundation and for the year 2021 she received one year artist grant by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland. Linda has held a position in Lapland Chamber Orchestra as a 2nd concertmaster with alternating duties and was also substituting in 1st concertmaster chair.

From 2016 Linda has been artistic director of a chamber music festival “Kokonainen” – a music festival highlighting especially unknown and forgotten female composers.

Linda is honoured to play an instrument “Ex Sulo Aro” kindly loaned by The Finnish Cultural Foundation.

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