Luosto soi!


Bulletin 19.1.2021

The festival will be held 29.7-1.8.2021 on the fells of Luosto and Pyhä, as well as in downtown Sodankylä

Preparations for the Sounds of Luosto! 2021 festival underway

The four day classical music festival will offer a program covering over 900 years of music history. The program includes works from 27 composers. The festival features a blend of rarely heard works and famous classics. Among the composers featured are notable Finnish talents Kaija Saariaho, Minna Leinonen, Kalevi Aho, and Jean Sibelius.

“As of now we are quite confident that it will be possible to organize cultural events in Finland during the late summer of 2021. Specifically open-air concerts are a fantastic opportunity to bring large audiences together and feed the hunger for the arts that has only grown over the last year” says artistic director Aku Sorensen.

In addition to performances, the festival will host a number of free-admission talks and activities.

The festival will follow all necessary COVID-19 government guidelines in order to ensure the safety of attendees, staff, and artists.

Ticket sales for the 2021 festival will begin in March. It is possible to use all non-returned tickets for the 2020 festival for 2021, and no action is necessary on behalf of the customer.

Bulletin, 27.4.2020

The Sounds of Luosto festival of 2020 will be organised summer 2021

As The Sounds of Luosto 2020 festival was cancelled due to the Corona-virus epidemic, the 2021 festival will be held according to the plans for the 2020 festival in Luosto, Pyhä, and Sodankylä 29.7-1.8.2021.

The arrangers of the festival, Kuusikko soi ry., are following developments in the situation and government guidelines closely. For now, there has been no indication that the current crisis would affect an event in Finland at the end of July.

– In accordance with the guidelines laid out by federal and local authorities, I am devasted to announce that Luosto soi! will be joining the ranks of festivals cancelled by the spread of COVID-19. While this is of course difficult, this was the only way to keep our staff, artists, audiences, and communities safe in this uncertain time, tells Aku Sorensen, the artistic director of the Sounds of Luosto –festival.

All tickets purchased for the 2020 festival will be accepted for the 2021 festival without any additional action. Tickets can also be returned, where the full price of the ticket will be repayed, excepting the Ticketmaster service fee.

We all hope to see you at The Sounds of Luosto 2021. It should be a festival worth the wait.

More information on our website and Facebook

Bulletin, 23.3.2020

The Sounds of Luosto Festival continues preparation despite the Corona virus

Preparations for the 2020 summer festival are continuing as planned. Tickets can also still be purchased via Ticketmaster.

The arrangers of the festival, Kuusikko soi ry., are following developments in the situation and government guidelines closely. For now, there has been no indication that the current crisis would affect an event in Finland at the end of July.

By following us on our website,, and our Facebook page,, you can get up to date information if the situation changes.

The festival’s new mascots, the vocal and friendly Lappish Jays, will keep you up to date on all there is to know about upcoming events.

Bulletin, 31.1.2020

The program is published – Sounds of Luosto 2020 offers a diverse repertoire

Next summer, taking place over four days surrounded by the beautiful nature in Lapland, the classical music festival offers a chance to enjoy music spanning nine centuries. The program consists of music from 27 composers.

Consisting of 9 concerts, the festival will take place between July 30th and August 2nd in Luosto, Mount Pyhä and Sodankylä communal centre. Nature and climate have been chosen as themes for the festival. The program can be found at and ticketsales begin on February 1st.

The program has been built around musical compositions that have been inspired by nature, such as Saariaho’s Sept Papillons and Haydn’s Sunrise Quartet.

Other works that stir up thoughts of the state of our nature and climate change are also included in the repertoire. Aku Sorensen, the artistic director of the festival, mentions Quartet for the End of Time by Messiaen and Once upon a time… by Widmann as just two such examples.

– The festival also offers the possibility to experience music from such prominent Finnish composers as Kaija Saariaho, Minna Leinonen, Kalevi Aho and Jean Sibelius, Sorensen says.

A composition commissioned specifically for the festival can also be heard. It is created by a young Finnish composer Elisar Riddelin. Its premiere will take place during the opening concert.

In addition to many rare pieces, the festival features also great classics. Schönberg’s Verklärte Nacht, Sibelius’ Fifth Sinfony and Dvořák’s Piano quintet No.2 are among the principal compositions.

The main concert is on Saturday, August 1st, and it takes place on the slopes of the beautiful fell Ukko-Luosto, where Lapland Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Tomas Djupsjöbacka will perform music from Sibelius and Aho. A soloist performance of Aho’s soprano saxophone concerto will be given by Anders Paulsson, accompanied by Lapland Chamber Orchestra.

The open-air event on Ukko-Luosto will carry on the unique traditions of Luosto Classic, a festival that was held there for over 15 years.

The Helsinki Chamber Orchestra will also perform during the festival. They will play the End of Times concert.

In addition to performances by artists with long international careers, the festival also offers an opportunity to acquaint oneself with interesting Finnish and international top musicians of a younger generation from Italy, France, Sweden and The United States. Of the Finnish performers, some work in Finland and others on the international stages.

Besides different chamber ensembles, the program covers also solo concerts with performances by Tarmo Järvilehto (piano), Minna Ristamäki (accordeon) and Livia Schweizer (flute).

Apart from the concerts, there are also enrichment lectures and other side events that follow the festival’s theme. These events are free of charge.

The artistic director of the Sounds of Luosto festival is the Finnish-American young conductor Aku Sorensen. The festival is organized by the Kuusikko soi association, established in March 2019.